The Connectivity Principle:

Healing the Wounds of Separation

By Stephen Long, D. Dh.

There are two “Worlds” that people live in that determine their quality of life and how they experience reality:  the World of Separation, which can be bleak, threatening, isolating, and cold, and the World of Connectivity, which is often colorful, safe, fulfilling, and warm.  These two opposing paradigms of existence, which are reflective of two distinct Views, contain the roots and essence of all human problems, as well as the hope and promise for their successful resolution.   The wise voices of many are now telling us that we humans have passed the point of no return and are on the verge of either an evolutionary breakthrough in consciousness – or a complete systemic collapse; the urgent need for quickly pulling ourselves together as One has never been more startlingly compelling. Read more…

Karmic Ties: A Novel of Modern Asia

By Stephen Long

Karmic Ties: A Novel of Modern Asia is set in Thailand during the rapid economic growth years of the booming 1980’s and 90’s, an era that saw the sleepy, romantic kingdom of the “Land of Smiles” transform itself into a voracious “Asian Tiger.” It is the story of Pompam, a handsome young “Buffalo Boy” from Isan, the impoverished, culturally-rich Northeast: the regional home of the “Original Thais.” The oldest of eight sons of poor rice farmer parents who have too many mouths to feed, Pompam is given to the village temple to be raised by its Buddhist monks. Miraculously, he overcomes all obstacles and rises to achieve the pinnacle of worldly success in his rapidly-changing society, but in the process he sacrifices everything – including his own body. Karmic Ties is a graphic fictionalized account of the roots of Thailand’s corrupt socio-political system, which has polarized the rich against the poor, and in 2014 is hurtling the country towards civil war. Karmic Ties spotlights Bangkok’s infamous sex industry, into which young girls and boys are routinely lured by the promised dreams of security and material rewards, only to find disillusionment and heartbreak. Karmic Ties will take you into the heart of unique Thailand in its moment of transition from the “old” to the “new.” It will move you, entertain you, and shock you at the same time.

Thus We Heard Recollections of the Life of the Buddha

Co-authored by Bhante Walpola Piyananda and Stephen Long, D. Dh.

The timeless teachings of the Buddha have inspired, guided, motivated, and provided tools for those who have sought higher spiritual attainment for millennia. But just who was this Prince who renounced the world to seek enlightenment and to eventually become the Buddha? The authors decided that the best place to find out was the Buddhist Canon itself, and a close investigation uncovered a wealth of information on the life of the Buddha. It provided the authors with many clues that illuminated exactly who and what the Buddha was – minus the speculations, fables, and tales from the early Buddhist commentaries.THUS WE HEARD: RECOLLECTIONS OF THE LIFE OF THE BUDDHA is an amalgam of three kinds of books: a fully-researched biography, a collection of important Dhamma messages, and a historical novel that “might have happened.” It features imagined conversations with nine of the enlightened arahant disciples of the Buddha and “special guests” that “may have” attended the First Sangha Council that took placeninety days after the Buddha’s Parinibbana. This book will help the reader gain a deeper appreciation for the life of the Buddha, and a greater understanding of why his teachings have been such a powerful influence on humanity for the past 26 centuries.

Dharma And The Metta Map

Co-authored by Barbara Wright, Ph.D. and Stephen Long, D.Dh.

The Metta Map is both the centerpiece of the Metta System, and the vehicle we use to present the information in this book. The Metta Map was developed as a teaching device by Dr. Barbara Wright. It was designed as a tool for conflict resolution, and has been used successfully for the past ten years, both intra-personally and inter-personally, in various applications such as clinical, family, corporate, and others. It became apparent that the Metta Map represents the entirety of the Dharma, which is embedded in both its structure and content, and that it can be used as a navigational tool for learning and teaching the Dharma. It is our hope that this book, which synthesizes the core teachings of the Buddha, will be a joyful adventure that increases your Dharma knowledge and moves you forward your own path. Visit Dr. Barbara Wright is the author of “The Metta System: The Map, The Formula, and The Equations.” Dr. Stephen Long is the co-author of “Thus We Heard: Recollections of the Life of the Buddha.”

Metta Map

By Barbara Wright, Ph.D.; edited by Stephen Long

This book proposes to reintroduce you to your Free Will. During the process of introducing the new tools presented in this book you will develop stress reduction skills which will allow your mind and heart to expand, enabling you to explore greater and more skillful possibilities. This, in turn, will enable you to be more successful in resolving conflicts. Edited by Stephen Long.

Saffron Days in L.A.: Tales of a Buddhist Monk in America

By Bhante Walpola Piyananda; edited by Stephen Long

In this delightful memoir, Bhante Walpola Piyananda, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka, shares his often amusing, often poignant experiences of life in America. Whether he’s reasoning with a group of confrontational punks on Venice Beach, bridging the gap between a rebellious teenager and her traditional parents, explaining to an errant Buddhist that the concept of “non-attachment” does not justify irresponsibility, or dealing with a nude sunbather at a meditation retreat, no situation-no matter how sticky-manages to affect Bhante’s unflappable calm or his phenomenal ability to find the right parable for the moment. Bhante Walpola Piyananda, who is abbot of a Buddhist meditation center in L.A. has met and counseled a wide range of people-the disenfranchised of society, couples dealing with relationship issues, American Buddhists trying to reconcile their practice with their very Western lifestyles, recent immigrants struggling to assimilate but also maintain their traditional values. His stories reveal the complicated, joyous, painful, baffling, and inspiring aspects of the human condition and the power of true compassion. Edited by Stephen Long.

The Bodhi Tree Grows in L.A.: Tales of a Buddhist Monk in America

By Bhante Walpola Piyananda; edited by Stephen Long

Truth is regularly stranger than fiction for the abbot of a Buddhist temple in the far-from-tranquil inner city of Los Angeles, California. Whether he is talking a dangerously unbalanced man out of buying a gun, confronting a naked woman in his meditation hall, or helping gamblers reform, Bhante Walpola Piyananda demonstrates that every experience can be an opportunity for learning and appreciating the Buddha’s teachings. Bhante Piyananda also reflects on social and political issues such as the racial tension in his neighborhood after the Rodney King trial and the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afganistan.

Away from LA: Tales of a Buddhist Monk from Around the World

By Bhante Walpola Piyananda; edited by Stephen Long

Away from LA: Tales of a Buddhist Monk from Around the World is the third volume of memoires and Dhamma lessons offered by Bhante Walpola Piyananda, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka who emigrated to the United States on July 4th, 1976 – just in time to celebrate the bicentennial.  The first volume, Saffron Days in LA: Tales of a Buddhist Monk in America was published in 2001, and has become a modern Buddhist classic, translated into several languages for followers around the globe.  The second volume, The Bodhi Tree Grows in LA: Tales of a Buddhist Monk in America, came out in 2008 as a response to readers who requested more heartfelt stories and lessons from this renowned Buddhist teacher.  Bhante Piyananda has spent the last 40 years traveling the world teaching, counseling others, and bringing peace and joy wherever he goes.  This third volume of memoires was gleaned from stories and anecdotes that took place in some of the foreign countries he has visited and left his blessing.

In the book’s foreward Bhikkhu Bodhi says, “This book gives a colorful portrait of a skilled Theravada Buddhist monk who has deeply drunk of the waters of the Dhamma and dedicated his life to heeding the Buddha’s call to ‘wander forth for the welfare and happiness of many.’  Its varied chapters show him hard at work teaching, guiding, and advising ordinary people faced with the challenges and conflicts that beset human beings throughout the world.  His wisdom, compassion, and human understanding shine brightly and joyfully through every story in this wonderful collection.”

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