“Don’t get old for nothing”

(Excellent advice from the Buddha)

……….We all, sometimes in our lives, ask ourselves, “What is life all about?”  Are we growing as we age – or are we sleepwalking through the process?  Are we always complaining about our life, self-medicating, or providing yourself with just enough distractions to make it bearable? No matter what your answer, we probably feel discontent about something. Ever wonder why? Why is it that we continually say to yourself, “If only (fill in the blank) then I would be happy”?

……….Let me introduce Living Connectivity©, my holistic approach to eliminating your personal discontent. Simply put, “discontent” means “There’s something missing/wrong here and I’m not happy about it.”   Living Connectivity is a three-step method, based on the teachings of the Buddha and others.

  • To begin with, we always start by closely examining your prevailing View, the primary determinant of your reality, the dynamic that creates the world in which you live.
  • Secondly, we work to uncover your dominant Rules, which are the conscious or unconscious beliefs that shape your Views and govern your relationships.
  • And thirdly, we will develop your practical energetic skills that I collectively call “The Bridge.”   These are practices that cultivate a shift in your View from narrow to broad; limited to unlimited; negative to positive; unproductive to constructive and unhappy to happy. They are timeless, and are sourced from the teachings of the Buddha and other Masters of the perennial wisdom.

……….Using the Living Connectivity principles we will utilize the Metta Map©, the brilliant three-dimensional creation of Dr. Barbara Wright, as a tool to easily and quickly gain clarity to resolve your inner and outer conflict.

……….Take the first step into a brighter future and contact me for a free consultation. We can discuss Living Connectivity and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Remember Buddha’s admonition, and “Don’t get old for nothing.”

Dr. Stephen Long


Los Angeles, California



www.drstephenlong.com; www.theconnectivityprinciple.com