Together, with compassion, we will explore, heal, and transform the source of your discontent.

Once identified, we will work to heal it and nourish your well-being. 

The end result of our work will be a new, authentic, natural state of existence, one where you are content and experiencing true happiness.

          Over the past decades of working with a vast spectrum of clients, one common theme has solidly emerged:  almost everyone has described a constant, relentless feeling of discontent that seems to flow beneath their human experience – no matter how successful they are.  In fact, in some cases the more successful the individual is, the greater is their discontent.  In one form or another, the discontent is always there.  It could be some nagging annoyance or bitterness – some big or small thing that makes the present moment less than satisfactory:  a need, a desire, a regret, a painful memory, a constant stream of “if only that was different,” or “if only I could have that,” or “if I had only done it the other way,” or “it just shouldn’t be like this – it should be like that,” or “if only I were different.”

         “If only (fill in the blank) then I would be happy.”  This is the way the mind works, yes?

         The discontent usually starts out very small, just a slight irritation, but it can grow into a festering problem by leaps and bounds as it morphs into anger, rage, resentment, bitterness, hatred – and beyond.  If left untreated, the problem does not go away on its own.   It will always be an obstacle for you, or worse, it can destroy your life.

         Happiness.  It seems very elusive.  It’s what we all most want.  But what is it?  A mere myth?  An unattainable ideal?  If it’s real, then how do we get it?  Why do we sometimes get it and then it goes away?  Why does something or someone always have to spoil it?  Why does no one seem to have it – no matter how much money, power, and fame they have?

         My clients, be they individuals, couples, families, groups, or corporations, explore with me their discontents, as well as their concepts of personal happiness.  We investigate thoroughly, going deeply within.  No matter what the problem or issue, it always boils down to that persistent discontent; as it is at war with the conflicting desire to be happy.

  • In our work together we always start by closely examining your prevailing View, the primary determinant of your reality, the dynamic that creates the world in which you live.  We investigate your View thoroughly, going deeply within as we seek resolution to difficult or painful issues; answers are often revealed by a shift in View, which can then cascade into a shift in everything else.

  • We also work to uncover your dominant Rules, which are the conscious or unconscious beliefs that shape your Views and govern your relationships.  Rules are both inherited and adopted; many are unspoken or masked.  Without a full and clear understanding of the operative Rules, you can become mired in confusion, stress, struggle, and delusion; exploring which Rules are worth keeping, which new Rules are worth making, and which Rules are obsolete and need to be released is a revelation that can lead you to greater freedom and peace of mind.

  • As part of our process together I teach you practical energetic skills that I call “The Bridge.”   These are skills that nourish a shift in View from narrow to broad; limited to unlimited; negative to positive; unproductive to constructive; unhappy to happy.  These skills are timeless, and are sourced from the perennial wisdom of the ages.

  • Our process is designed to increase your Connectivity:  with yourself; with others; with the environment; and if so desired, with All That Is.  It is my understanding that Connectivity is a Co-efficient of Happiness.

         The Connectivity Principle is the foundation of my work, which is primarily energy-based:

“Everything in the Universe, including all living beings, is energetically related to everything else because of the connectivity of all things to the same Source.  This Principle invalidates the notion of ‘separation,’ and reinforces the universal mandate for human beings to be mindfully tolerant, kind, loving, compassionate, and supportive towards each other, the Earth, and all that is, at all times, with no exceptions.”

          In our work, for assistance we draw upon the teachings of the Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, Dr. David Hawkins, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramesh Balsekar, and Wayne Liquorman, just to name a few of my favorite Masters of perennial wisdom.  We also use the Metta Map, the brilliant three-dimensional creation of Dr. Barbara Wright, as a tool to easily and quickly gain clarity and resolve inner and outer conflict; in the process you might find yourself having an “Aha!” moment or two.

Call me for an appointment, and let’s get to work. You can be happy.  I can help you.

Human progress is evolutionary, and therefore, mistakes and errors are inevitable.

The only real tragedy is to become older but not wiser.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.