“Working with Stephen I learned how to maintain a positive mental attitude regardless of my circumstances. I had worked with a number of coaches before him, but he was the first who brought a rigorous process for identifying the origination of anxiety and discontent, and providing me with tools that I can use in the future to address those feelings and maintain a healthy and positive self. I have never met anyone who has such knowledge of so many different cultures, religions, and spiritual teachings. I found that his experience in business along with that knowledge made him a particularly insightful coach who helped me learn new ways of looking at issues I faced in business, and developing a healthy work/life balance. I strongly suggest Stephen for any entrepreneur or executive who is dealing with burnout or other creativity-stifling issues. He will help you fix it. Thanks Stephen.”
     –Stephen Madden, COO, a national energy company, Houston, Texas

     “Stephen is a man of deep integrity, ancient wisdom and heart. It is rare to encounter such a man in whom one can put their trust in fully. I highly encourage all to enjoy his coaching, teaching, and meditation offerings now!”
     -Bonnie Mansdorf, Founder and Executive Director, The Foundation for a Healing Among Nations, Del Mar, California 

    “Metta, the Pali word for ‘loving-kindness,’ is the term that comes to mind when I think about Stephen Long. I have had the pleasure of being friends with Stephen for the last 12 years, and am grateful that he has been there to coach me through a number of challenging periods in my life. I have always been impressed by Stephen ‘s teaching ability, and by his deep understanding of spirituality. I know that having Stephen on one’s side is a big asset for anyone’s spiritual journey – mine included. I highly recommend his coaching skills.”
     -Won Joon Lee, CEO, Rex Security, Orange County, California

    “Being an entrepreneur isn’t only about starting a business. It’s a way of looking at the world: seeing the impact of your work behind your personal gains, seeing opportunity where others see only obstacles. To do that you need to have a strong confidence. If that sort of confidence comes from your ego it eventually becomes a destructive energy, but if it comes from your spirit, filled with wisdom and empathy, then it is an immensely constructive energy. Stephen, throughout 5 years of coaching and advising, helped me to get far away from my ego and tune myself to my spirit – a source of unlimited energy, creativity, and achievement. If you are working hard but not feeling content, Stephen is an excellent coach to do an X-ray of your mind, help you get on track, and live a life of achievement filled with fulfillment.
     -Greg Matinian, Founder and CEO, Maxx, Inc. Yerevan, Armenia and Los Angeles, California 

     “Dr. Stephen Long has been one of my closest friends and advisers for nearly 20 years. We have traveled together, written books together, taught together, and worked to spread the Dhamma together. I gave Stephen the name “Dharmapala” when we ordained him as a Buddhist lay minister. It translates as “Protector of the Dharma,” which is very appropriate for Stephen, a man who takes his spiritual work very seriously. Stephen is an excellent counselor and coach, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
     -Ven. Walpola Piyananda, Abbot, Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara, Los Angeles, California 

    “Stephen Long has a heart the size of a honey-baked ham. I recognize it as the source of a supreme and gentle compassion that permeates his every action. His years of dedicated application and vast spiritual knowledge across myriad disciplines position him as an excellent advisor/coach. He is that rare embodiment of the seeker who is also a finder.”
    -Jay Paulson, Actor, Los Angeles, California

    “Stephen Long is a unique and truly gifted Spiritual Counselor/Life Coach. Over the decades he’s been the 1st resource I’ve turned to for inner work, clarity, and paradigm shifting, and I have no doubt that his contributions to others are equally meaningful. This is one extraordinary individual with a lot of wisdom, and he is exceptional in the fun way he communicates deeper things. He touches deeply and compassionately, and in this day and age, that’s special. ”
    -Gregory Rand, Honolulu, Hawaii 

    “Whenever I need advice on professional or spiritual matters, I call Stephen. He gets what you are feeling and provides balanced direction. The rest is up to you, as it should be.”
     -S. H., Los Angeles, California

    “I have known Stephen for four years now. Stephen has great amount of knowledge about many things. He has a positive attitude towards life, he carries his positive energy where ever he goes, and whoever meets him gets inspiration towards positivity in life. I still remember how Stephen guided me when I was in my Masters program while I was also a full time employee. Due to his help, I was able to achieve straight A’s in my MBA, and today I have a successful career in Houston. Whenever I talk to Stephen I get so energized. Since working with Stephen Long I have learned how to make positive progress in life, and he taught me how to deal with the dilemmas of life with a positive attitude. I can’t thank Stephen enough for what he has given me. Last but not least, one more thing I’ll say about Stephen – Stephen Long you Rock!”
    -Nakul Patel, Operations Manager, Houston, Texas

    “I am an international student living in the USA for the past 5 years. After graduating from university in the fall of 2013 I decided to move to Los Angeles to seek employment. I was lucky to land my first job in the first couple of weeks, and I was really excited about everything. As time passed, work pressure and other personal matters caught up with me and my life was pretty much spiraling towards a mess. Luckily I had a friend who knew Stephen, and he asked me to get in touch with him since he himself had faced a similar situation and it was Stephen who guided him out of it. Taking his advice I got in touch with him, and boy, was I glad I did so.

…..“Working with Stephen was as enjoyable as it was immensely helpful in my self-development. He taught me to be always honest and truthful in whatever I do, and to look into life in the present moment. This helped me to relive a lot of stress that was upon me since I always tend to think a lot about problems I faced at work and my future in the United States.

…..“Stephen is one of those rare people who is perceptive, insightful, and easy to build a rapport with. He is truly born to do this work, as he is an incredibly compassionate and loving person with a great amount of positive energy built up around him, which you will definitely realize the very first time you meet this great man. To anyone who’s reading this, please don’t just take my word for it. I urge you to meet him yourself and truly experience what I have experienced. Having him as a companion to walk me through problems and any unexpected situation that life threw at me during my stay in Los Angeles made a huge difference.
“I truly appreciate all that he has done for me using his unique holistic and practical approach. He has helped me to gain clarity about my goals in life, and to create a game plan for achieving them. He is a friend, a shoulder to lean on, and in many ways a father figure to young adults like me. If you get the opportunity, please meet this great man; trust me you will truly love what he has to offer.”
     -Suvindha Lenaduwa, Accountant and Rugby Player, Houston, Texas

    “The most important life lesson I learned being around Stephen is this – to suspend judgment, not to make value claims. Although not obvious at first, this gradual silence of the mind is a truly great spiritual blessing.”
     -Sebastian Katsaitis, Montreaux, Switzerland 

    “Stephen, who is my brother, my friend, and my English instructor, is one of the best people in this Universe. I have known him since 2004, but I have heard about him since 1998 through Bhante Piyananda. “Steve, the name I call him, is really special to me because always he is behind me and looks after me. He supports me a lot, and unfortunately, I don’t have enough words to express all the ways he does so. I believe he and I have a strong relationship from a long time ago in the samsara (life after life). “On the other hand, Steve is a Buddhist teacher and Dhamma protector. He teaches in our Sunday School and participates in our religious works. He has a lot of experience with Buddhism and he knows Dhamma very well; he reads a lot and he practices what he learns. “If you or anyone you know needs counseling, I highly recommended that you visit him and get his advice.”
     -Ven. Dhammajothi Kalabululande, Sangha member, Los Angeles, California

     “Stephen has always been personally chosen by his teachers to receive their gifts and knowledge. This has always been accepted as a high form of learning and being. You, in turn, will receive these blessings when you place yourselves under his instruction and care. Spiritual growth quietly spills over to those around him. Stephen is also a talented author. His book on the life of the Buddha serves as one of my guides, and I often open it at random for my daily inspiration.”
     -Darlene Hutchinson, Real Estate Developer, Las Vegas, Nevada

    “Stephen Long is a compassionate, thoughtful, and ever helpful human being. He is first and foremost a wonderful person who assists others out of the goodness of his heart. The official title of a life coach or counselor is just a natural extension of his Buddha nature. I had the privilege of meeting Stephen several months ago at a LA Buddhist temple. We met during a troubling part of my life and he helped buoy me across the choppy waters. He always had the right words, the right actions, and the right thoughts. I overcame the troubles with his help. Most importantly—he never expected anything in return. The karma just flowed without repayments. I owe a lot to him and would recommend Stephen to anyone without reservations.”
     -A.L., Ph.D. Candidate, University of California at Los Angeles 

     “I have known Stephen Long for 35 years, read his brilliant books, and experienced his effectiveness as a coach and spiritual advisor. I have found Stephen’s lifelong, personal commitment to the principles and values he teaches unmatched. His extensive world travels, extraordinary spiritual teachers, and time spent living in Asia have added to his rare depth of insight and cross-cultural understanding. Stephen’s guiding wisdom, kindness, sense of humor, generosity, humility, and patience are a familiar blessing to all who know him and work with him. I am so happy to share my experience because Stephen transforms and enriches so many people’s lives, including mine.”
     -Shelley S. Glickstein, Ph.D., Los Angeles, California 

     “I had the honor of meeting Dr. Stephen Long early into my life. He was the mentor who taught the senior students at a Buddhist Temple (Sunday School) I was attending at the time. Though my enrollment in university has rendered me unable to continue my constant attendance at Sunday School, I continue to maintain my life according to principles and work through problems using methods that were taught to me by my friend Stephen.

…..“As a Sunday School teacher he was not only knowledgeable in Buddhism, but deeply wise in the practical application of its principles in our own contemporary lives. Dr. Stephen Long has a wide understanding of tools such as the Metta Map and Dr. Hawkins’ Map of the Scale of Consciousness, which can be implemented into the problems that people face whether they are personal or even delve into business matters.

…..“Beyond his practical wisdom, Dr. Long has an innate ability to connect with all those who allow him to aid in their lives. In his field of work, Dr. Long is subjected to a wide assortment of different kinds of people, but his compassion and kindness breaks through any barriers. His attitude towards society and life in general makes him a primary role model for the students and other visitors that get a chance to meet with him at our Sunday School. These qualities define Dr. Stephen Long, and he is committed to helping all those who give him the opportunity so that they too can work towards achieving a meritorious life.”
     -Kalpa Semasinghe, Sophomore, University of California at San Diego 

     “Hi, my name is Kaveendra Tennakoon, and I am twelve years old. Now I know how some people would be skeptical about a child giving a testimonial about dissatisfaction. But let me tell you, adults aren’t the only ones who have problems. Even though I did have these “ups” and “downs,” Stephen’s techniques that he has taught me life lessons that I will never forget.

…..“An example of how Stephen has assisted me in my hardships was through a technique he called “letting go,” which consists of taking something that is a memory, feeling or anything really, that makes you feel broken, discontent, anything bad really, and simply letting it go. My memory that I first let go of was a sad and demoralizing memory of being bullied. Now I don’t want to go into detail, but long story short, there was a “mean” kid, he didn’t like me so he sort of pushed me and I went into the mud; everyone laughed. It was one of the worst days of my life and I carried it around with me for 5 or 6 years. These bad memories can feel as if you are carrying a load of bricks on your back and you can never put those bricks down. But if you learn this technique through Stephen it can help you solve all of your dissatisfactions and you can also let go of all cravings and attractions. After I had finished doing this technique I felt like a whole different person and that is why I am writing this testimony, so that you may read how Stephen has helped even the little people.”
     -Kaveendra Tennakoon, Middle School, Los Angeles, California

     “During the last ten years, while I was studying in Korea, I got to know Dr. Stephen Long, who has turned out to be one of the best persons in my life. I found out that he loved Korea, had been there many times, and that he was interested in Korean Buddhism because of his understanding of Theravada Buddhism. He is a creative writer and a screenwriter as well. I know him to be a very creative person. When I was in the USA in 2015, Dr. Stephen Long helped me to learn English and to learn how to live in the US. By the power of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, I wish him great success in his life. Teruwan Saranai!”
     -Ven. Dr. Seelaratana Pitakotte, Sangha member, Korea and Los Angeles, California

     “Stephen is a man aligned clearly in his own virtues and merits. His cultivation of his own path is inspiring. He follows what he has set out for himself with a strong conviction and an even stronger discipline. This discipline lends itself to all those that he interacts with. Stephen understands the attractions of the world. What sets him apart is that he also accepts and is intrigued by the cruelties of the world. He has moved beyond the “Peace among Earth” movement, the uncontrolled and idealistic tendencies of the hippies, and instead thinks in practical thoughts and develops practical solutions.

…..“While “laughing at life” may be a solution that many religions and philosophies preach, it is not ideal nor practical in the day to day realities of anyone who does not fall in the narrow classification of: nun, monk, priest, brother, sister, bikkhu, etc. Instead of blind compassion, he uses his generosity in advantageous and productive ways. In other words, he provides the maximum output of those around him with as little as possible. He optimizes.

…..“In a word, Stephen’s own life is experienced enough that he provides exactly what many of us really need at one point or another in our lives: direction. In my own life, after years and years of knowing him, he has nurtured me from the careless, idealistic child, into the practical and pragmatic young man I am today. He is given words when I needed to hear them, a shoulder when I needed one to cry on, and arms for when I needed a warming and encouraging embrace. But many can do this. To those who feel trapped by their own life, Stephen provides autonomy and independence, both from life and Stephen himself. As the old proverb goes, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Many have given me food, but Stephen has taught me to fish for myself.

…..“From social anxiety issues to familial problems to financial turmoil to relationship heartache, Stephen has been there for me. But he cannot always be physically there for me. That is where his years of mentoring have helped me the most. So when it’s two in the morning and I only have the darkness around me and my thoughts, I don’t shy away from confronting my problems and fears. Stephen has granted me the tools to fend off my demons for myself with the conviction and confidence that he so strongly exudes.”
      -Dhishal Tennakoon, Freshman, University of California at Santa Barbara