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           There are two “Worlds” that people live in that determine their quality of life and how they experience reality:  the World of Separation, which can be bleak, threatening, isolating, and cold, and the World of Connectivity, which is often colorful, safe, fulfilling, and warm.  These two opposing paradigms of existence, which are reflective of two distinct Views, contain the roots and essence of all human problems, as well as the hope and promise for their successful resolution.   The wise voices of many are now telling us that we humans have passed the point of no return and are on the verge of either an evolutionary breakthrough in consciousness – or a complete systemic collapse; the urgent need for quickly pulling ourselves together as One has never been more startlingly compelling.

           Increasing our capacity for Connectivity, both individually and collectively, may be the key to our survival.  This book explores these two paradigms of living in and experiencing the world, and the vast Continuum of Views that spans between them.  It also offers the Bridge, a six-element personal system of practice for refining one’s View and increasing our ability to expand our inherent energetic Connectivity.  It also describes a way to safely navigate the Sea of Rules that creates, governs, shapes, and transforms all of our relationships:  personal, community, business, and with modern technology.

           The Connectivity Principle is presented as a new “Moral Compass” that can anchor us in a harmonious View that serves all of us:  “Everything in the Universe, including all living beings, is energetically related to everything else because of the connectivity of all things to the same Source.  This Principle invalidates the notion of “separation,” and reinforces the universal mandate for human beings to be mindfully tolerant, kind, loving, compassionate, and supportive towards each other, the Earth, and all that is, at all times, with no exceptions.” 

            Connectivity is a Co-efficient of Happiness.  Very simply, the more Connectivity you have, the happier you will be.  Consistently choosing this View and Moral Compass as one’s guide for all that one does, says, feels, and thinks, will not only help incrementally increase one’s level of happiness, but it will also assist in the process of evolving to one’s highest spiritual potential.   Adopting the View expressed by The Connectivity Principle can also contribute to the necessary shift in the collective consciousness that could prevent a worldwide societal breakdown, and see us all on the high road to peace, international cooperation, economic security, and advances in our social development that are beyond our current imagination.


“You hold in your hands a profound invitation: to live your life with the tender heart of a Buddha, a Christ, an earthly pilgrim who has the potential to be a change agent in the world.  I encourage you to read these pages slowly.  Take their wisdom and loving kindness to heart, letting them guide, inspire, and bless your walk as a precious being interconnected in oneness with all other sentient beings.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center; Author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning

“Stephen Long’s The Connectivity Principle offers us a wide-ranging template for rediscovering the essential connectivity that underlines our existence at multiple levels: with all humanity, with the earth, and with the entire universe. Bringing contemplative insights to bear on ethics, livelihood, community life, business engagements, and technological innovation, this book offers a key to creating a world marked by greater kindness, compassion, and mutual respect—all qualities so necessary if we are to live together peacefully on this beautiful planet.”

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Buddhist Scholar, Author of The Noble Eightfold Path: Way to the End of Suffering

“This is a book for seekers of all directions, a marvelous integration of great philosophies with modern disciplines, and a most timely and practical guide for all of us living in this modern literal web of connectivity. Having been well read, traveled, searched, practiced, and experienced himself, the author shares his thoughts and advice compassionately with no reservation. This book is an open invitation for everyone to connect and re-connect. Enjoy it!”

Christie Chang, Ph.D., President, Sakyadhita International Buddhist Womens Organization, Taiwan

“Stephen Long is a prolific writer and an important voice in our world, not only of literature, but for the imperative understanding of spiritual principles. His book, The Connectivity Principle, is a go-to guide that provides an understanding on how we can operate in the world of various religions and races and find the peace for all. Much-needed in these times. Thank you, Stephen, for this gift to the world.”

Tess Cacciatore, Founder and Executive Director of Global Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN)

The Connectivity Principle is exquisitely written.  Jam packed with information it is a text book on Enlightenment, describing the Path to self -realization with total clarity and simplicity.  Brimming with heartfelt anecdotes, Stephen Long guides the reader on a quest to get in touch with their higher self.  A must for every spiritual seeker and thoughtful soul looking to find deeper meaning in their life!”

Paula Fouce, Author, Producer/Director of No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank’s Story

“Stephen Long’s The Connectivity Principle is so comprehensive, so profound – and yet, so readable. I’m convinced there is a large readership out there that will be enthusiastic and be able to benefit from the wisdom and the energy that radiates from this exciting new book.

“I especially love how the author manages to interweave age-old Eastern wisdom with modern-day teachings and systems – and point to the one truth that flows so simply and clearly through all of them about Connectivity. Such an important teaching in today’s world.”

Vidya Frazier, Quantum Healer, Author of Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: A Guide for Navigating the Global Shift

“I have read The Connectivity Principle twice, and now I’m reading it again.  This is one book that I know I will never get tired of; I really love it.  It has become a companion, and I feel so much peace whenever I turn the pages and read from it.  This is definitely a distinguished and captivating book.”

Ravi Baral, Film Director, Founder & Executive Director of Media Alert & Relief Foundation (MEDAL), Kathmandu, Nepal

“This book sets a new bar for understanding being connected. Stephen gathered information from the ancient to the modern. This work truly speaks to everyone, a rare phenomenon in our time of individualism. His easy story telling style blended with academic resources is an informative joy to read. Provocative and intelligent.”

Barbara Wright, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author of Metta: The Map, The Formula, & The Equations

“The Connectivity Principle is one of the most important and influential books that I have ever had the privilege to read.  Dr. Stephen Long thoughtfully takes you on a journey through “The Two Worlds” articulating what we all know to be true in the most enlightening way.  If you let it, this book will give you a new perspective on how to approach your life and, most importantly, your relationships. The Connectivity Principle is mentorship in written form, and it is the foundation of my personal development.”

Trevor Clark, Communications Executive

“Congratulations on an impressive piece of work.  I enjoyed your incarnations and seeing how fundamental themes are interwoven in your assimilation of religious traditions and transpersonal psychology.  I was tickled to have been a part of your journey.  The dualism between connectivity and separation is illuminating and central to our times.  I think it’s because our problems are so big and complex that only together can we meet them. There are pearls of insight poetically expressed throughout your book, and I was also impressed by your thoughtfulness on a wide range of issues in the world and breadth of knowledge generally.

Thanks for the inspiration.”

Mike K. Sayama, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

The Connectivity Principal by Dr. Stephen Long takes on the timely and daunting task of piecing together a new worldview that brings order to chaos and light to the darkness within and around us. With great clarity and insight, it succeeds.

“Urgently relevant, this is a must- read book for individual and collective spiritual renewal based on a profoundly simple idea. We live either in a state of separation from or connection to each other, our planet and ultimately, our Source.  The Connectivity Principle explores our experiences of separation and connectivity as states of being, as intimately familiar forces that animate our own life stories and those that are playing out on the world stage. We are shown that we can shift from the fearful and alienating feelings of separation to those of loving connection to ensure our sustainability, to relieve personal suffering, and create happiness.  The gift of this work is that it is a true remix. Using the languages of science and spirituality, crossing Eastern and Western traditions, something new has emerged through Dr. Long’s voice. His insights and practical guidance are as potentially healing to all humanity as they are to each human heart. Whether you are new to the spiritual path or a veteran seeker, whether you are a pragmatist or a mystic, there is something in this book for you.”

Shelley Glickstein, Ph.D., Former Academic Dean

“The Connectivity Principle by Stephen Long takes one’s hand on a stroll amidst the natural entanglements and liberations of the human experience upon the waves of realization.  For the reader it is the next circuit of comprehending meaning for this timeless we share.”

Marianne Deniston, President of Marianne Deniston Interior Design

“An absolutely excellent piece of work; a most wonderful teaching tool.”

Darlene Hutchinson, Real Estate Developer

“I can Connect’ fully with Stephen Long’s The Connectivity Principle because I myself have struggled to put into words what he has done so beautifully in his new book…  I’ve experimented and followed the teachings of several wise teachers, and have come to the same conclusion which Stephen has described in his book:  it all begins with the Right View…

“Much research and thought have gone into the production of this book to so clearly spell out “what is the Right View,” which is followed by why everything is connected and how we should/can contribute towards a happier world and therefore a happier existence.

“There are several segments of the book I particularly like, such as the section which talks about ‘WHO AM I?’…I also like the section on Business Relationships, and I felt the immediate urge to check how my company’s mission statement measured up with the commonly found “Code of Greed” and our commitment to Integrity and therefore to The Connectivity Principle.”

Robin Chong, CEO of I. M. Quarries Limited, Singapore